7 Good Foods To Treat Arthritis

Does pain wakes you up early hours in the morning? Or you can’t stan d on your feet a long time? Or while praying, you can’t bend your legs? Suggested are pain killers for this 10-headed arthritic-pain monster. But would you like to know that there is a delicious way, better than just rubbing pain relievers in your skin?

1Eating food can’t cure arthrit is but it can prevent the disease to become more painful. Create a diet with the following foods for arthritis for less stressed joints that accompany with the condition that makes the arthritis worse. An overweight body is risk to get arthritis due to fats that embraces the joints, making every bone in your body cracks. Very painful right? So here are 7 ideal foods that will surely help:


Fatty fish contains vitamin D which prevents the pain and the swelling. Omega-3 which may found in oily fish decreases the chemical production and they inhibit the enzymes that trigger. Small amount of oil can have a large help in arthritis by reducing cardiovascular risk in rheumatoid arthritis patients.


Vitamin C protects the major component of cartilage. But don’t dare shoot for such high doses if you have osteoarthritis. Vit. C may help prevent arthritis but too much of it may worsen. Try 200-400 milligrams a day. A mango and a cup of Vit.C orange juice will give you 200 milligrams of vitamin C.


It contains quercetin, an antioxidant that help slows the oxidative damage to cells and tissue of the body. Worrying much about your breath? Boost your intake or try the cherry tomatoes and apples, both high in quercetin too.


2Certain antioxidant compounds lessen the severity of arthritis. Green tea may have health benefits including the prevention of arthritis. Antioxidant in this tea known as polyphenols, may effectively reduce the incidence of rheumatoid arthritis. This tea won’t take your pain, but it can help.


You’re not going to eat olive oil literally, aren’t you? One tablespoon on salads or vegetables is good for an optional arthritis diet. Good olive oil consumption does “oil up” ones joint and reduces inflammation and applying it causes aid. There’s a compound in this oil called oleocanthal which helps prevent the pro-inflammatory and enzymes.


For sufferers, selenium helps relieve arthritis. And these nuts contain high amount of selenium –272 micrograms in just 3 to 4 nuts. Selenium is an antioxidant that helps the body ward off the radicals that damages the cells found in the body. For that, selenium is also great in fighting signs of aging. 55-200 micrograms from this nut a day will do.

SPICESYes, spices such as ginger. Most people don’t realize that these are a part of nutrition. Like fruits and veggies, spices have powerful effects on health. For example, ginger contains chemicals that works similarly to some anti-inflammatory medications, so it’s effect on arthritis are the same. To enjoy your ginger eating plan, why not try grating them into stir-fries? A ginger tea? Or a baked low-fat ginger muffins. Whew!

3Refresh yourself in preventing or killing that arthritic pain in this delicious way! And focus on foods and supplements. Inexpensive alternative pain killers like eating much of this will probably do. Perhaps, you really want an expensive treatment such as going to doctor every other day, asking what supplements to take in the next day. Nah! I didn’t meant to substitute this for your physician’s advice, but I say it’s worth it!